Medication Apps for Your New Apple Watch

Apple Watch Medication AppsThe release of the Apple Watch last week caused a huge stir globally as early adopters and the merely curious got a closer look at Apple’s first line of wearable technology.

Not to be left behind, health technology companies have already started adapting existing phone apps for the new wearable screen. According to a TechCrunch article published earlier this month, here are three interesting new apps to keep an eye out for that are designed to help manage medications (among other things):


Tap on the app to ask questions and get answers to medical questions from 68,000 U.S. doctors while on the go. The app will also provide reminders for virtual sessions with your doctor, personal notifications and reminders to take your prescribed medications.

Medication Alarm

Reminds you to take any type of medication throughout the day, using an infinite amount of reminders, medication and times to take. Also lets you track how many pills you have left to give you a heads up on when you need to order more.


The WebMD app will remind patients to take their meds as well as provide instructions on how to take certain medications and a daily schedule of when to take them.

Apps can be extremely convenient and helpful tools for managing your medications but no app is perfect. Users should monitor the efficacy of any app they’re using and have a backup system in place in the interim to avoid potential problems.

Also, any questions you have about drug interactions or dosing should ultimately be directed to your physician or an Owen’s pharmacist at any of our convenient locations.