Compounded Medications For Pain Sufferers

Compounded Medications For Pain

When Compounded Medications Restore Quality of Life for Sufferers of Chronic, Intense Pain

As a compounding pharmacy, we’ve seen the benefits our medications offer to patients who cannot take commercially-available products due to allergy concerns. Compounded medications are also often used by those in need of medications that have been discontinued or otherwise hard to find. Sometimes, however, we read an article that reminds us just how powerful this service can be for those who suffer from life-debilitating pain, and who, for whatever reason, need specialized pain treatment.

An article published by the American Pharmacists Association in January of this year, described this situation and the benefits compounded medications can offer those who are short on other medical options:

…Some patients have survived heinous car accidents. Others have fallen from extreme heights. Still others grew up with congenital defects that prevent normal development of the spine. But the one thing Beckel’s patients have in common is that they have tried everything.

That’s when doctors prescribe individualized pain medications to be injected into the spine.

Compounded Medications For Pain

…“It is not uncommon for patients to have to take 30 or 40 Oxycontin a day to get rid of their pain. What kind of lifestyle would you have on 30 or 40 Oxycontin a day?” Beckel said.

The answer is chronic constipation, alternating bouts of insomnia and lethargy, dilated pupils, night sweats, liver damage that leads to metabolic problems, and most likely depression. If the pain does not prevent patients from working and living normal lives, the adverse effects alone can.

Many patients who require excessive quantities of oral medications or who aren’t helped by surgeries ultimately have a pump implanted in their spine through which a physician can deliver medication right to the source of the pain without any of these adverse effects. But with only three drugs commercially available for this purpose, many patients rely on special preparations from compounding pharmacies.

…Sometimes it takes the doctor, patient, and pharmacist years of adjustments to find just the right formulation. “But patients are saying that this is the last resort, so they’re willing to go through these steps,” Beckel said. “And once that happens, they’re able to be ambulatory just like anybody else.”

Owens Healthcare’s compounding pharmacies work with patients and their physicians to offer specialized pain reduction therapies designed alleviate suffering and to provide an improved quality of life. These customized medications meet specific needs that may not otherwise be met by commercially-available products. If you suffer from chronic pain, please contact the compounding pharmacy nearest you to discuss your options.