What Is A Compounding Pharmacy?

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What is a Compounding Pharmacy and How can it Benefit You?

A compounding pharmacy specializes in formulating customized treatments for each patient based on their specific needs. Since standardized medications may not provide the best formulation depending on the patient’s condition, compounding pharmacies give physicians the ability to prescribe a specific dosage and strength and to combine active ingredients to design the best treatment plan for each patient.

How does a Compounding Pharmacy Differ from a Traditional Pharmacy?
Compounding pharmacies use high quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients to create a unique formulation for each patient based on their health condition and their physician’s recommendations. This process gives physicians more control over the medications they prescribe and allows them to tailor each prescription to each patient. If patients are prescribed more than one drug, the ingredients can be combined into one dose to make it easier to take those medications on the schedule prescribed by the doctor. Medications may be prescribed in the form of capsules, tablets, lozenges, creams or gels depending on the medication’s absorption properties and the patient’s preferences.

The Perks of Using a Compounding Pharmacy
Patients treated for a variety of conditions can benefit from filling their prescriptions at a compounding pharmacy. The personalized service offered only at a compounding pharmacy leads to better patient outcomes. Since the medications are formulated with each patient’s needs in mind, side effects are less likely to occur, and the dosage and strength can be adjusted or modified at any time, providing maximum flexibility and best results.

Patients that have exhibited sensitivity to certain medications in the past can have their medications specifically formulated to prevent an allergic reaction. In order to prevent a reaction, a compounding pharmacy will take into account the patient’s past symptoms and current needs to develop a formula that will be most effective at helping to restore optimal health.

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Reducing the Cost of Prescription Drugs with a Compounding Pharmacy
Another notable benefit to using a compounding pharmacy is that patients can enjoy reduced pharmaceutical costs. Owens Healthcare is dedicated to helping patients reduce the overall cost of their prescriptions, and through the compounding pharmacy, patients can benefit from the shared risk/benefit plan that helps to reduce costs by incentivizing both the facility and the pharmacy. By utilizing generic substitutions to brand name drugs, formulary control, and limited quantities of drugs, patients can reduce their costs while also enjoying a more personalized experience.

Owens’ ongoing commitment to providing quality care gives patients the ability to purchase their prescriptions at a reduced price and in a formula tailored to their specific needs at the compounding pharmacy.

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