Customer Compliments #1

At Owens we pride ourselves on giving that extra personal touch that only a community-rooted healthcare company like ours can give.

Below are just some of the compliments we receive from our friends, our neighbors, our customers!

"I was thinking about you in general and I knew it’s like a small gesture, but a spoonful of sugar does make the medicine go down! When I take one of my many pills there is one that is bitter and leaves an awful after taste and I enjoy the ‘penny candy’. It does make it go down! So thank you, all of you, for making the medicine go down easier with the candy and by your upbeat attitudes!"

Yours Truly,
Happy Customer

For the Owens 9 Staff:

"This thank you is on behalf of my daughter. She has had to have a PICC line in two times the last 1 1/2 years and both times your care and service was outstanding! Thank you for your kindness and excellent service you gave to my daughter!"

Pleased Patient

One thought on “Customer Compliments #1

  1. Thank you for being so quick, efficient and pleasant whenever I call with a problem prescription or have a difficult medication switch and get frustrated with the insurance issues. You are all refreshingly kind and that makes a sick person’s day just that much less stressful, Thank You!!

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