Customer Compliments #10

At Owens we pride ourselves on giving that extra personal touch that only a community-rooted healthcare company like ours can give.

Below are just some of the compliments we receive from our friends, our neighbors, our customers!

We have received SOOO many customer compliments this month! We just want to say a humongous THANK YOU to all of you wonderful employees who are vowing to put WOW! into your daily work schedule. Without our GREAT employees, we could not make Owens Healthcare the WOW! environment it is! Great job everyone!!!

To Lisa at OH 16:
"Dear Lisa, I was unconcerned about this matter because although we’ve never spoken, I’ve always known that you’re a good person. Things have often been difficult for my family; my big,loving, beautiful family. The past couple of years, though, have been awful, but there are timeswhen we don’t feel bad. I want to thank you and the other nice lady in front for your kind consideration regarding my daughter. You’re very professional, courteous, and I appreciate the beautiful smiles of good heartedness from both of you. It all made a big difference to us."

Sincerely, Appreciative Lady

To Lo at OH 6
"It is nice to overhear a customer say ‘Oh Goody! Lo is here!’."

Submitted by Robin at OH 6

To the Staff at OH 9
"As our son turns one this March, we would like to thank all of the wonderful people who have helped him and us through a very ‘eventful’ first year! We wanted to say thank you for your amazing customer service. We’ve been so pleased with how easy it has been to get supplies! Thank you for making a difficult year so much easier!"

Grateful Family

To the Staff at OH 2
"1. You always give customer service with a smile. 2. Wait time is short. 3. I know I get the best prices too! Thanks! Above and beyond, that’s how helpful you ALL are!"

Happy Gal

To Gabe at OH 3
"He is quick, kind, and informative about prescription info!"

Pleased Person

A letter to Aaron Smith and the Staff at OH 8
"I want to take the time to write and compliment to the staff in your Compounding Pharmacy, particularly Aaron Smith, the Specialty Pharmacy manager. My wife who has been troubled with Multiple Sclerosis for a period of years has recently experienced a series of falls resulting in several fractured bones. These problems have produced reoccurring, severe levels of pain in her back and hip area. In order to reduce this discomfort our doctor recommended a medicine that could be formulated in your Compounding Pharmacy and submitted a prescription to your organization. After several tries using various combinations of pain–lessening ingredients the most effective medication was produced. Please know that this result could only have been accomplished with the extraordinary efforts and concern on the part of Aaron and his staff. My wife and I cannot thank you and the above mentioned personnel enough for working so diligently on our behalf."

Thankful Husband

To Kendra at OH 11
"Kendra is very efficient and knowledgeable of the supplies that she delivers to our home! She is also very polite and I am sure that she is an asset to Owens!"

Happy Woman

To Tony at OH 13
"For many years we have been very pleased with Owens’ thoughtful services!"

Elated Gentleman