Customer Compliments #12

At Owens we pride ourselves on giving that extra personal touch that only a community-rooted healthcare company like ours can give.

Below are just some of the compliments we receive from our friends, our neighbors, our customers!

The results are in, and with a whopping 17 COMMENT CARDS, our April WOW! winners are…. the crew down at OH 6!!! Jeff, Robin, Shanna, and Lo; CONGRATULATIONS on being April’s WOW Employees of the Month!!!

Here are just a few of the MANY nice comments…

To OH 6:
"This group is ALWAYS smiling, is always generous and thoughtful and always making sure that we have what we need done!"

To Shanna:
"I got a print out of meds and got it in seconds! I was WOW’d for sure! I always get the best service at Owens Placer!"

To OH 6:
"You have an uncanny ability to have great people! Keep it up!"

To OH 6:
"We appreciate the extra effort!"

To Lo:
"Wonderfully polite and courteous; personable and kind! Thank you, sir Lo!"

To OH 6:
"Your crew is always personable and friendly! Best pharmacy in Redding!"

To OH 6:
"I just wanted to thank everyone, especially Robin. Everyone was so helpful and understanding. Very professional, very knowledgeable, and all around just plain AMAZING!"