Locals Rule

Locals Rule At Owens Pharmacy

Owens Healthcare Announces Buy Local Program

We know that there is a lot of competition when it comes to purchasing goods and it seems like more and more of that business is being taken away from the local guys! We wanted to take a stand here at Owens to support our local businesses because we feel that it is essential to the growth and success of our community!

We’re encouraging all Owens Healthcare employees to support our local community by purchasing items, whether big or small, from locally owned businesses as opposed to big chain stores. Upon purchasing the items, we have “Locals Rule” business cards made for you to hand to these vendors that explain what “Locals Rule” is all about!

Our hope is that this initiative will show businesses and customers that we at Owens care for the community!

We hope that if businesses see us buying local, they may too choose to buy local as well!