Got Your Shot?

Flu Shots Redding, Flu Shots Red Bluff2015 Flu Shots Now Available at All Owens Locations

It’s autumn, which means that it’s time to get vaccinated against this year’s influenza virus. Each year, influenza (commonly known as “the Flu”) affects 5% – 20% of Americans. The Flu is spread via tiny airborne droplets that are generated by coughs or sneezes. People who touch surfaces or objects that have the Flu virus on them and then touch their mouth, eyes or nose can also be infected.

Medication-Resistant Head Lice

Medication-Resistant Head LiceMedication-Resistant Head Lice Found in California

Head lice, long dreaded by parents of young children, seem to be getting tougher to eliminate. A new study suggests that the lice population in at least 25 states, including California, is now resistant to the over-the-counter permethrin treatments parents have been using for years to kill infestations.

Fidgeting In Children With ADHD

Fidgeting In Children With ADHDFidgeting Shown to be a Good Thing for Children with ADHD

Sit still in class? Perhaps not if you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, more commonly known as ADHD.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 10 children and teens has been diagnosed with ADHD, a disorder that causes a wide range of behaviors ranging from distraction and inattentiveness to forms of hyperactivity such as fidgeting and nonstop talking. In addition, children and teens with ADHD may exhibit impulsive and impatient behavior.

Hope For Peanut Allergy Sufferers

Treatment For Peanut Allergies

Peanut Allergies Can Be Incredibly Dangerous

These days, almost everyone seems to know someone with a life-threatening nut allergy. Peanuts, one of the most common food allergies, don’t have to be ingested to cause a condition called anaphylaxis which can result in symptoms such as sharp drops in blood pressure, skin rash, nausea, vomiting, and a narrowing of the body’s airways blocking normal breathing. Simply coming into contact with the offending substance can trigger symptoms.

Your Child’s Cough

Treating Your Young Child’s Cough

New Options For “Treating” Your Young Child’s Cough

As parents, we know it can be troubling and frustrating to watch a young child suffer from a cough without being able to do anything to fix the problem. While older children and adults have the option of taking an over the counter cough and cold medication to ease symptoms, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against the use of non-prescription cough medicines for children younger than four years of age – primarily due to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s safety concerns and lack of evidence about the efficacy those medications in treating symptoms in children under two years of age.

For some time, common wisdom has suggested honey as an effective and natural way to treat a child’s cough. But for infants aged less than one year, honey presents a serious risk of infant botulism.

What’s a parent to do? A new study published last month in JAMA Pediatrics suggests that administering flavored water or pasteurized agave nectar can have a positive effect in ailing children.