Owens Employee’s Heroism Inspiring

Redding California Hero

Last month Jarred Witt, RP Coordinator, Pharmacy Operations heroically risked his own safety to help out a couple who was in desperate need. Jarred was heading back from Owens’ South Main Street location in Red Bluff along I-5 when a car two vehicles in front of him veered off the road. As soon as it hit the shoulder the front caught the dirt and flipped the vehicle, landing upside down in an explosion of dust.

Shopping Locally During The Holidays


Holiday Shopping Season Reminders About Why Shopping Locally Makes Sense

As a locally-owned business, we’ve seen the impacts of shopping locally first-hand, and have made a commitment to supporting local vendors for our business needs. Now that the holiday shopping season is upon us, we thought it would be a good idea to remind our friends, neighbors and customers why it’s important to keep your shopping dollars in the community.