Customer Compliments #14

At Owens we pride ourselves on giving that extra personal touch that only a community-rooted healthcare company like ours can give.

Below are just some of the compliments we receive from our friends, our neighbors, our customers!

To Stephanie at OH 18:
"A patient thought she had an emergency RX sent to OH 18 over the weekend that she wasn’t able to get to, so the patient tracked down Stephanie and spoke to her about this. Stephanie went down to the Pharmacy on her off day and checked on it for the lady! Now THAT is going above and beyond the call of duty! AWESOME job Stephanie!!

To Justin and the Crew OH 17:
"I love Owens. The staff is so nice and they know me by name now! Justin is great! I transferred a prescription from Rite Aid (we had to fill it there as it was a holiday) for my husband. Justin said it would be expensive. I said I knew as I’d filled it at Rite Aid previously. Justin said he thought he could get it for less. He called my husband’s doctor and I only paid $25! Rite Aid did not tell me that. It is so convenient as it is right on my way home. We used to use CVS and the service there got so bad we had to make a change in pharmacy. I’m glad we came to Owens."

Impressed Woman

To Angie at OH 8:
"Angie helped me get a 3 month prescription and saved me money in the process! I am retired so I do not have a lot of cash flow. Thanks Angie!"

Happy Gentleman

To Tony at OH 13:
"I am so glad to have chosen Owens. 30 years ago I assisted my aunt at your store on Court Street. Tony is wonderful he keeps me well supplied and he is growing with the company quite nicely."

Pleased Woman