February 2015 Customer Compliments

Medication Refills In Redding

Congratulations to……… Shanna Dosser, Pharmacy Tech at OH 6 for being our January WOW! employee of the month!!

Here are some of the wonderful comments Shanna received from customers in the Month of January:

“I love that she’s been here for so long It’s comforting to see a familiar face. I need refills on my medications a lot and dealing with Shanna is always easy, fast, and she is always so understanding!”

“Shanna you are amazing! You probably don’t even realize what a gift you are to others. Thank you for all the care and kindness!”

“Shanna helped in the explanation of why my meds were in ‘limbo.’ She is always very compassionate about her patients and customers. Thank you Shanna you are a blessing!”

“Shanna and the crew at OH 6: I am SO pleased that I switched to Owens #6! I only wish I had switched about 5 years ago!!! I enjoy the courtesy, the integrity, as well as the ‘will do’ attitude! Thanks!”