4 Reasons to Tell Your Friends and Family About Owens

Free Prescription Delivery In Redding

There are a lot of reasons you trust Owens to fill your prescriptions, but we offer many products and services that you might not be aware of. Read below and share this with your friends and family who aren’t already taking advantage of all the great things Owens Healthcare has to offer:

1. Free Personal Delivery: Did you know we offer free delivery to your home or office? That’s right! Just call your local pharmacy or ask about it when you come in to drop off your prescription.

2. 15 Minute Guarantee: If you’ve used other pharmacies you may have waited 30 to 45 minutes for your prescription to be filled. Not at Owens. Bring your prescription to Owens and it will be filled in 15 minutes…guaranteed! (15 Minute Guarantee is for a single prescription.)

3. EZ Meds: Do you take the same prescription every month? Your prescription refills can be delivered to you automatically every month. No more remembering to call-in your refills, no more waiting at the pharmacy. Call 1-800-MYOWENS (1-800-696-9367) and ask for EZMeds.

4. More than just a pharmacy: Owens is more than just a pharmacy with convenient locations and great customer service. Did you know we also offer:

  • Infusion and Injection Services
  • Medical Equipment (With free delivery, setup and training)
  • Retail pharmacy (Get your prescriptions and over the counter meds at the same time)
  • Compounding (For Bioidentical Hormone Replacement and Pain Management)

So tell your friends and family about Owens Healthcare and let us make their life and yours a little easier.