June 2015 Customer Compliments

Best Pharmacy Service In Redding

At Owens Healthcare, it’s important for us to be as helpful to our customers as possible.

When you visit any of our Owens Pharmacy locations, we hope you are happy and satisfied with your experience, and that you keep coming back!

To To Christy at OH 18:

"My elderly mother used a product for her dentures and had a severe reaction. I called Owens to find out information on the product, Christy located the product and gave me all information on the package (warnings, 800 number, etc). I know all the employees at Owens are very busy, but they always take the time to help their customers. After another visit to the doctor, we came to drop off a prescription and I was immediately greeted by Christy asking about my mom! When I leave Owens Pharmacy I feel that “Owens Cares” about me and my family. The entire staff here is always going above and beyond for customers, I will always be faithful to Owens!!”

Thankful Customer

To Penny at OH 11:

"Excellent customer service! I just wanted to give Penny a hug. Thank you so much for your kindness and patience towards my Momma :)”

Huggable Customer

To Stephanie at OH 18:

"Stephanie is always helpful to her customers, no matter how busy she is, she takes the time to explain anything I have questions about. I will never leave Stephanie, she is the best ever!”

Loyal Customer

To the Staff at OH 11:

"You have an amazing staff that I really appreciate. I just needed to tell you how wonderful it is that there is a company that still thinks about providing customer service. Keep up the great work, and thanks a million for all that you do.”

Sincerely, Discharge Planner at Vibra