May 2015 Customer Compliments

Friendly Pharmacy In Redding,

At Owens Healthcare, we want to always provide you with personalized customer service.

We hope that when you visit any of our Owens Pharmacy locations, you leave knowing that we truly value every single customer, and we hope you feel that appreciation, and keep coming back.

To Jim at OH 12:

"Jim does his job well. While setting equipment, Jim made sure my son (who is deaf) was able to read his lips while he was talking. Jim was kind, understanding and caring. Thank you for sending him our way!”

Thankful Customer

To Lacey at OH 4:

"Lacey is great! As I’ve said before, she knows your clients and is always so pleasant to work with, Thank you.”

Grateful Customer

To Wendy at OH 18:

"Fantastic customer service!! She followed up with me regarding a prescription that was called in over the phone.”

Covered Customer

To Dwayne at OH 11:

"Prompt! Dwayne explained very clearly, was friendly and smiley!”

Smiley Face Customer