Owen’s Pharmacy Spotlight: 2025 Court Street, Redding

Pharmacy In Redding California

Owens Healthcare is happy to be serving the Redding, California area with our 2025 Court Street pharmacy location.

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2025 Court Street Suite A
Redding, CA 96001

530.243.0301 Fax
800.762.5398 Toll Free

Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm
Saturday: 9am-1pm

Why Owens Pharmacy?

» Free Delivery – We offer FREE personal delivery to your home or office.

» 15 Minute Guarantee – Bring your script to Owens Healthcare and we will have it filled in 15 minutes…guaranteed!

» EZMeds – Your prescription refills can be delivered to you automatically every month. No more remembering to call-in your refills, no more waiting at the pharmacy.

Learn more about the benefits of Owens Pharmacy.

Owens Anderson Location Customer Compliments

To Ben at OH 1:

"I want to thank Ben for his great customer service and consideration for my well being. Especially for recommending various over the counter remedies for condition not requiring a doctors visit, even when he was very busy! It is people like Ben that make the world a healthier and better place to live.”

To Krystle at OH 1:

"Krystle always remembers who we are when we come in without asking our names. She always smiles and is always bubbly! Thank you Krystle!”

To Krystle at OH 1:

"Krystle makes us feel welcomed and addresses us by name even before we reach the counter AND gives us the best service possible! Thanks Krystle!!”

To Krystle at OH 1:

"Praise Jesus! God bless Krystle and this place, amen!”

(Yes that was a real card, we swear! )

To Krystle at OH 1:

"Special Specials thank you to Krystle for doing a huge favor for me!”

To The Staff at OH 1:

"Always outstanding! Your pharmacy goes the whole distance and it is much appreciated!”

Happy Person