More Durable Medical Equipment Questions Answered

From time to time, we get questions from our customers about durable medical equipment and Medicare. Earlier this year, we published an article about what durable medical equipment (DME) Medicare covers and briefly discussed the competitive bidding process that took effect in 2011, and expanded this year. While that article covers much of what you may need to know, we know many of you may have other questions about this ever-changing area of healthcare. While any formal questions related to Medicare should be directed to, we’ve researched and compiled answers to other questions you may have.

Durable Medical Equipment & Medicare

Medicare Does Cover Certain Durable Medical Equipment Medicare covers certain durable medical equipment, also known as DME, as prescribed by your healthcare physician. All recipients of Medicare are eligible for durable medical equipment coverage. According to, the equipment must meet the following criteria in order to be covered by your plan: Equipment must be […]