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Quality and Convenience

Committed to offering quality service and equipment that will allow your patients to remain at home

Outstanding Customer Care

Owens helps people in the North State live comfortably at home and is dedicated to fulfilling the medical supply needs of patients and the caregiving community, with a focus on customer satisfaction. Have the confidence of knowing your patients are provided with the medical equipment and support they need to succeed in the home setting. Our equipment has been carefully inspected, prepped and tested to ensure it adheres to manufacturers’ guidelines.

Ensuring you have the best outcome with your healthcare need

Because patients in transition should not have to wait, Owens maintains its own home medical equipment, delivery team, and highly-trained staff. We also work with local suppliers who meet our exacting standards. All patients who have medical equipment delivered to their home get the professional services of a skilled healthcare technician. This technician is ready to answer questions, make adjustments, and return to the patient’s home for service visits, if needed.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Build new revenue streams without additional staff burden. Option for self-billing or all-inclusive service.


Home sleep testing kits ensure accurate sleep data for analysis and diagnosis. Our respiratory therapists provide thorough education and mask-fitting, to ensure patients are achieving the optimal results from their treatments.


Support for COPD patients with greater patient adherence and reduced hospital readmissions. High-tech care programs are aimed at improving quality of life and engaging patients in their own health management.

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Non-Invasive Ventilation

Empowering patients to manage their own respiratory journey through personalized education and one-on-one engagement. Non-invasive ventilation solutions support patients’ breathing without the need for intubation or tracheostomy.

Neuromuscular Disease

Owens provides respiratory care to patients through the progression of their disease. We educate patients and provide support as they reach critical milestones in their condition, with tools for managing care at-home.

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