Customer Compliments #15

At Owens we pride ourselves on giving that extra personal touch that only a community-rooted healthcare company like ours can give.

Below are just some of the compliments we receive from our friends, our neighbors, our customers!

It was a TOUGH decision as SOOOO many of our employees received a ton of WOW! compliments this past month! However the results are in and our June WOW! winner is… Lisa Donovan at OH 3!

Lisa Donovan at OH 3:
"Lisa is amazing! Owens has always been very wonderful to me and my family. I thank this wonderful lady who helped me today!”

Happy Man

Lisa Donovan at OH 3:
"Lisa had perfect service and everyone at Owens in Anderson are just nice people!”

Grateful Gentleman

Lisa Donovan at OH 3:
"Lisa is so pleasant. She pushed to have my RX’s ready today!”

Thankful Gal

Lisa Donovan at OH 3:
"Lisa is always nice. She remembers me when I come in and she is great at her job! Thank you Lisa and everybody at Owens in Anderson! I always have an excellent experience here. Very helpful!”

Appreciative Woman

To Lisa and Staff:
"Owens is very caring and the people are always very fast. They are the best!”

Pleased Person