Mobile Apps For Managing Medications

Over fifty percent of us are walking around with a smart phone or tablet of some kind. If you fit into that category, then chances are you’re already familiar with mobile applications available for your device – especially if your children or grandchildren are avid “Angry Birds” fans.

These applications (or “apps”) can be fun, but they can also be useful. We recently looked at different apps on the market that help users manage their medications. Here are two that we found:

Mango Health – Free (iPhone, future Android release planned)

Mango Health claims to make managing medications and nutritional supplements easier and safer by reminding users when it’s time to take a medication. It records each dose and alerts users to potentially harmful drug interactions (with other drugs, supplements, food and drink). The app keeps users engaged by creating a game out of this process. Users earn points each day for taking medications safely and on time. Points get rewarded with chances to win gift cards from brands such as Target, or with options for making donations to popular charities.

Dosecast – Free (iPhone, iPad)

Declared “best-of-breed” by the New York Times, Dosecast advertises itself as “the most flexible and easy-to-use app” for iOS devices to take your medications on time. Here are some of the features that come with this app:

  • Notifications – the app sends dose reminders with or without an Internet connection, and tracks the time zone you’re in while travelling, and adjust reminders to that change so you can take your medications at the correct time. Dosecast also offers a variety of scheduling options.
  • Customizable dose amounts and instructions – Dosecast users can specify drug name, dosage information, directions and all notes given to them by their doctor in the reminders for each dose.
  • Multi User Support – Dosecast allows you to set up schedules and notifications for multiple people or pets within one app.
  • Easy Refill Tools – Dosecast tracks the doctor who prescribed the medication and the pharmacy where it was filled. It also tracks quantity used and issues a refill alert when you are running low. Furthermore, it tracks number of refills and lets you know when you have none left.
  • Drug photos – The app allows you to snap a photo of each drug to make identifying it easier when it’s time to take your dose.

Apps can be helpful tools for managing your medications but no app is perfect. Users should monitor the efficacy of any app they’re using and have a backup system in place in the interim to avoid potential problems. Also, any questions you have about drug interactions or dosing should ultimately be directed to your physician or any of our helpful pharmacists.